Early Life of Antonio Garcia

Born in Cuba, and emigrated to the US during the 1970’s “Los Vuelos de la Libertad” Cuban flight. Antonio Garcia was the eldest brother and father of three sons; Tony, Michael, Joshua and daughter Jessica. Also, Antonio had five grandchildren; Audrey, Ethan, Amorelle, Anette, and Madison.

The teenage years of Mr. Garcia were spent on the island of Puerto Rico, where the family lived at “Los Borinquen Towers”, a very popular destination for many Cubans arriving on the island. During those years the family struggled financially like any immigrant family, but his parents did not spare on tuition for education. A young Antonio developed a great sense of responsibility and understanding of the great effort his family extended for his wellbeing and future. He became a very disciplined student that excelled among his peers.

Antonio attended the prestigious American Military Academy (AMA) in Puerto Rico and was recognized for his efforts and also graduated as the battalion commander at the top of his class. Having gained many recognitions during those school years such as; best-dressed cadet, best student of the year, best leader, most improved student, judo gold medal holder and other recognitions as he advanced through the years. His aspiration as a military career was halted when his family moved to Miami in 1976.

Coming to Miami

Once in Miami, Antonio completed his education at Biscayne College with a bachelor’s in biology. Also, Antonio became interested in following his new passion, biology; so, traveling to the Dominican Republic in San Pedro de Macoris, where he pursued a career in medicine and obtained a degree as Medical Doctor (MD). However, once again his dreams were cut short when his dad, the breadwinner of the family became sick with a brain tumor dying only six months after his diagnosis.

Antonio could not see all the family effort being taken away due to the financial crisis that came suddenly upon them. He then replaced a white doctor robe, with a mechanic shirt and place his hands at work for the family’s wellbeing, like his family had done for him before; it was the right thing to do.

This bought new challenges, not only economic, new learning curve, but family discomfort and jealousy as a young man only 25 was placed at the front of his dad years of work. Nevertheless, no material thing was lost, all debts were subsidized, and the business turn over a good profit for all.

This new business experience opened an appetite for Mr. Garcia in Real Estate and others business adventure he embarked along the years.

As a fast learner and disciplined student, Antonio studied the required 63 hours course at night after work, a few months later he was a licensed real estate agent. It did not take long to peruse his broker’s license and open 24 Hours Realty, known today as AGG Miami Realty (Antonio Garcia Group Miami Realty).

Throughout the years, Antonio has helped many families purchase their dream home. To this day children of past buyers are clients of AGG Miami Realty. The ample experience in business has made AGG Miami Realty experts in the commercial real estate, also the sale and purchase of businesses. AGG Miami Realty loves challenges and finds the solution where others have given up.

Being in Miami since 1976, his experience and seeing Miami going to a transformation. Mr. Garcia considers himself a south Floridian and Miami local.

Antonio Garcia remarried to Luz, she had a son and a daughter, from the previous marriage Christian and Katherine respectively; a woman that helps him rebuild his career today.

Working with people and showing them a new option in a business is our desire, and in doing so we believe a client will make an educated decision where their future is secured, being knowledgeable, truthful and having our client best interest always in mind.

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